The pistols kitchen

Unique, truly artisan look Steak and Chicken Pie House in Walton-On-The-Hill, Surrey

This is quite a discovery as we were walking in the little village after having visited on of the gastro pub restaurant in the area – we were quite drawn to the woody theme of the food  shop so we ended up looking at the menu then realised it would be a waste not to try one of their offerings – in the end we ordered a cherry pie and the ice cream, of course.

The interior is really quite hip and modern but really clean and pleasing to the eye – with its brown and natural colours plus the rustic wood theme and metallic accents here and there

I wasn’t really expecting to be swept off my feet about the food but hey the pie was rich and just right, and pairing it with the in-house made ice cream was quite a surprise…

So before I left I asked the owner if they made the ice cream themselves, turned out a little Italian man supplies it – darn oh darn it was one of the most delicious ice creams I have ever had!

Mind you, the cherry pie was super made by the owners themselves, I was told – well, all of their pies!

I had no time to order the mains from the shop – steak pie and chicken pie with mash as I had a big meal before stumbling in to this cute shop…..

I must say this new business deserves the support of the surrounding areas like Dorking, Reigate, Epsom and Redhill…


It is such a niche food shop and very unique – you got home-made cakes and pastries, the Main Star offerings, the pies!

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